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All songs Produced by Chris Horvath
All songs written by Chris Horvath except...

"Gonna Be Alright"
by Chris Horvath & Lance Morrison

"Still Gettin' Ahead" & "All Falls Into Place"
by Chris Horvath & Randi Soyland

"Be My Every Morning"
by Chris Horvath & Zack Hexum

"Maybe Today"
by Chris Horvath, Lance Morrison, & Dave Feldstein

"Everybody Needs A Little", "Wouldn't You Know", "So This Is Love", "Back At Our House",
by Chris Horvath & Holly Long

"Everything I Want It To Be"
by Chris Horvath & Shawn Klaiber

"In The Raw"
by Chris Horvath, Keely Hawkes, & Kat Danson

"I Kiss You Goodbye"
by Chris Horvath, Nayanna Holley, & Dorian Holley

"Waterfall", "Straight From My Heart", & "Two Sides Of The Sun"
by Chris Horvath & Dave Feldstein

"Starting Here", "Rise Above", & "I Love To Hate Christmas"
by Chris Horvath & Dave Bassett

"Like I've Never Loved Before"
by Chris Horvath, Rachael Lawrence, & Deborah Ellen

"All I'm Asking"
by Chris Horvath, Jorgen Carlsson, & Mini Diaz

"Santa Can I Ride With You"
by Chris Horvath & Janis Liebhart

"That's Force"
by Chris Horvath, Mike Himelstein, & Deena Diamond

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